The latest Rieter COM4 licensee is Matesa Textile Corporation

The latest Rieter COM4 licensee is Matesa Textile Corporation

Only recently, Matesa Textile Corporation, one of the leading textile producers in Europe, has become new licensee of Com4®ring and Com4®rotor from Swiss Rieter

Matesa is a vertical enterprise and stands for highest quality standards in all process stages. The product portfolio covers fashionable ladies and menswear with primary focus on the denim range.


The licensing endows the Com4®ring and Com4®rotor yarns produced by Matesa on Rieter machines with a significant quality feature. In their marketing activities, Matesa profits from Rieter’s active promotion.

To extend their range and secure new markets, in 2006 Matesa invested in a Rieter machine park in modern ring and rotor denim production. The technical advantages of the Rieter spinning systems enabled Matesa to widen its lead position in the market and the company is now considered as one of the largest denim producers in Turkey. The annual yarn production for subsequent downstream processing in weaving has an average yarn count of Ne 9. The actual production level amounts to 15 t of ring yarn and 17 t of rotor yarn. Export destinations are mainly Europe and the Near East.

Rieter actively promotes the supply sources for licensed yarns. In addition, the licenses have a direct link to the Rieter website. Customers who have decided in favour of a yarn licence can make use of knowhow and marketing support provided by Rieter specialists.

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