New “Invisible” Class of Men’s Undershirt

New “Invisible” Class of Men’s Undershirt

An American start-up company, Collected Threads, Inc. in Costa Mesa, California, successfully raised funds to move forward with an expansion of their revolutionary men’s undershirt line. Dubbed the “jT”TM by designers at this innovative company, they believe the product will change the way men see – or not see – an essential base layer

Jesse Szynal, President of Collected Threads, explains: “Undershirts were not designed with today’s fashion in mind. More men are moving to casual, open collar styles at work and on the town. Visible crew and v-neck undershirts distract from a man’s look and the tank top provides no sweat protection where it matters most.”Inv. Underwear81395

The solution? jT undershirts, a complete offering guaranteed to hide under two or more open buttons. The jT line (six styles) achieves this with slightly lower and wider necklines optimised to disappear in the shirt collar. Flatter collar trim hides lines better through the shirt and enhanced sleeve lengths stay under short sleeve button-ups or polos.

While the company retails the original jT online and in select boutiques, they are expanding their products to include compression, micro-modal, and thermal, among others. They hope to attain customers, who have foregone traditional undershirt because of visibility in the open collar. For men already wearing crew or v-neck undershirts, Collected Threads promises elevated style and confidence in a jT.

Although the new styles ship in May, the original jT already caught the eye of men’s style experts. Esquire Magazine remarked the jT was the solution for the “…amateurish splash of white around your collarbone”, and Stan Wiliams, Style Editor at Maxim Magazine, penned “Hello, summer staple.”

The Costa Mesa based start-up launched their expansion on the popular Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. After surpassing their goal with over a week left in the campaign, Szynal added “Undershirts are a foundation for guys everywhere and the success of this campaign validates the jT in the market. Collected Threads will be the only undershirt company focused on a man’s finished look.”

Collected Thread is planning a significant marketing rollout of the jT this spring with an Undershirt Violation Tour. The company assures a comical approach to citing men for their visible undershirt “violations”, but they are keeping details close to the belt. “You might not see us coming, but be assured, we will definitely see you,” Szynal quipped.

More information and a video can be had from the link below.

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