Breaking News – Oerlikon Manmade Fibres is again more profitable in first quarter 2014

Breaking News

Oerlikon Manmade Fibres is again more profitable in first quarter 2014

Even though Oerlikon Manmade Fibres reports for the first quarter 2014 less order intake and backlog, lesser sales, it states increasing profitability, thus in line with the results of the Group

The Manmade Fibres Segment reports an order intake of CHF 240 (290) million, or -17.2 %, as well as an order backlog of CHF 475 (600) million (-20.8 %) and turnover decreased by 3.6 % to CHF 296 (370) million. The operational result EBITDA increased 22.6 % to CHF 65 (53) million, thus resulted a margin of 21.9 % (17.3 %). EBIT increased 22.4 % to CHF 60 (49) million or a EBIT margin of 20.4 % (15.8 %).

2014-04-28_ONE_Index-Review_en-1In the first quarter, Staple FORCE S 1 000 was introduced to the market under the Oerlikon Neumag brand, allowing efficient and flexible production of small lots of staple fibres, such as polyester, polypropylene and bio-components, opening to fibre producers the possibility of economically serving special markets, such as technical nonwovens. TextileFuture has been reporting extensively . The product created a great interest at its introduction at the late INDEX in Geneva (CH) and project discussions were initiated with prospects. In addition to the various nonwoven technologies, the large number of airlaid, meltblown and spunbond specimens representing high industrial standards also proved to be convincing. The industrial spunbond systems for PET bitumen roofing substrate scored with their low operating expenses in line with high product quality.  Oerlikon Neumag offers tailor-made systems for all markets with production capacities from 4500 to 15000 t/year, and   extremely attractive ROI Return on Investment.

Oerlikon Group (Manmade Fibres, Drive Systems, Vacuum and Coating Segments) reports a slightly decreased turnover (0.4 %) to CHF 720 (723) million, further a drop in order intake of 8.7 % to CHF 697 (763) million. Its order backlog fell 11.6 % to CHF 790 (894) million. The operational result (EBITDA) increased 2.6 % to CHF 120 (117) million, thus the margin increased from 16.2 % to 16.7 %.EBIT increased 2.4 % resulting in a margin of 12.1 % (11.8 %).

For all of 2014 the Group expects organic sales growth, stable order intake and stable profitability.

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