Mimaki Europe celebrates its 10 years anniversary at FESPA 2014

Mimaki Europe celebrates its 10 years anniversary at FESPO 2014

The parent company Mimaki Engineering (J) was founded in August 1975 in Tomi City, Nagano and is today active in the market segments of Sign Graphics, Industrial Products, and printers for the Textile and Apparel sector. Mimaki Europe (EMEA Europe, Middle East, Africa) is a full subsidiary and was founded in 2004 and employs around 70 persons working in sales and marketing, EMEA Tech Support, Logistics, Finance/Administration


Mimaki is a very innovative company with imposing market shares: its worldwide solvent market share amounts to 27 %, in the UV Market the share is over 30 % and its share in the textile market is over 60 %. Mimaki EMEA is covering over 110 companies with regional offices in France and Germany and it disposes of a technical centre supporting customers in Istanbul, Turkey. It has more than 17000 units installed in its EMEA region.

Mimaki bets on a product leadership strategy consisting of technological innovation, superior brand image and fast time-to-market. Further it respects customer intimacy by continuous improvement of its products and by listening to the market. The company has offices around the world, multiple in Japan, the USA, China and Indonesia, and further in Europe: in the Netherlands, Paris (F), Munich (D), Hagen (D), Istanbul (TR), as well as in Brazil, India, Singapore and Australia. As the company wants to remain on top, it invests 8 % of its revenue in R&D to reach its goals. The company disposes of hi8gh engineering skills as core competence to ensure high quality and high reliability product and offers a broad coverage of market segments based upon inkjet Tiger-Mimakitechnology. The company is also creative in establishing new markets.

In the third quarter of 2013 Mimaki reported sales of EUR 275 million and the main BU Business Unit SG models contributed 59.7 %, followed by IP models with 23.5 %, TA models 8.3 %, and maintenance and support participated with 8.3 % and 2.5 % derived from other activities. The sales regional contributions came from Japan with 30.6 %, Europe 32.3 %, Asia and Australia 16.5 %, North America 12.4 % and Africa and others 8.4 %, thus a total of 69.6 % stemmed from outside of Japan.

Mimaki has for every segment of activity a specific strategy. It is the aim of the company to enhance the textile offering by new products such as TS 500-1800 Roll-to-Roll Transfer paper printer and TX500-1800 Roll-to-Roll Direct textile printer, all of high speeds (150 m2 per hour maximum speed) and high quality production speed is 120 m2. In 2014 Mimaki will celebrate its 40th anniversary at Fespa Cologne in May 2015 and at ITMA 2015 in Milan (I) in November.

The anniversary of Mimaki EMEA will be celebrated at Fespa Munich (D), Eurasia Imprint (April) Viscom (D, I, F) plus other seven shows.

Mimnaki is also dedicated to a M500 campaign, M stands for Mimaki and the aim to reach EUR 500 million turnover the first time in 2015 and by successful sales of the 500 series of products (JFX500-2131 & JFX200-2513, TS500-1800, TX500-1800B & TX500-1800DS, UJJV 500-1600 and any other products designed around 500 engine in the future. It is also planned to increase Inkjet Printers and Textile sales up to 50 %, and to support the Sign Graphic Markets with new technologies.


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