AATCC creates Resource Centre

AATCC creates Resource Centre

AATCC, the Association of textile, Apparel & Materials Professionals since 1921, establishes a clearinghouse and resource site for industry case studies and white papers

In the rapidly evolving textile industry, technical information is a valuable resource that can make a difference between staying ahead of trends and innovations, or it means falling behind. Case studies and white papers can be especially helpful in keeping industry professionals in touch with the industry’s latest developments, discoveries, and inventions.

In response, and to support its mission to provide global textile industry professionals with the knowledge and information that can give them continued competitive edge, AATCC has established the AATCC Resource Centre. This clearinghouse and resource site for industry case studies and white papers posted by leading textile industry scientists and companies, is doing much of the industry’s cutting edge work. Each paper posted is accompanied by a 50 word synopsis to help readers select the ones that best address their interests. The papers are available in a downloadable PDF format.

The white papers and case studies posted are free to the general public. Textile industry professionals interested in showcasing their work by posting case studies and white papers on the AATCC Resource Center site can learn more by contacting AATCC Advertising Sales.



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