Ultra economical compact spinning technology by Saurer Schlafhorst

Ultra economical compact spinning technology by Saurer Schlafhorst

The aerodynamically optimised 2Impact FX, the second generation of this ultra economical compact spinning technology for the Zinser 351 air ducting system brings enhanced functionality and customer benefit, as well as constant compact power, and it offers greater economic efficiency and demonstrates the innovative capacity of Schlafhorst as a technology leader

The new air ducting system ensures a turbulence-free airflow, with positive effects on the compacting of the yarn. The air circulates freely around the 2Impact FS unit, in order that there is no 2014_ Zinser 351 2Impact FXtendency towards contamination from additional machine elements, as with other products in the market. The core of Zinser compact technology, the self-cleaning compact apron – has been improved in one important detail: its inclined slots it shows better running properties and increases the service life of the apron.

The economic efficiency of compact spinning stands or falls with the compact power of the system. Airflow binding fibres into the yarn remains constant during the entire spinning process and it is possible to create a product of guaranteed quality and to fully exploit the economic advantages of compact spinning.

Other products on the market show power loss because the air ducting systems become clogged with fibre particles during spinning. This reduces the vacuum in the compacting unit, and the yarn gradually loses its desired characteristics. In consequence there is a steady drop in quality. In addition, personnel intensive inspections and time consuming clearing intervals are required. By contrast, in the 2Impact FX there is no loss of compact power and the self-cleaning system continuously ensures the desired yarn quality. There is no need for personnel intensive inspections and no production downtimes due to cleaning intervals.

2014_Zinser 351 2Impact FX_Production_enCompact Spinning continues to grow and will even become stronger over the course of the coming years, because of its compelling economic benefits. With Zinser 2Impact FX technology these benefits can be fully exploited. The technology represents an innovative milestone by offering 100 % compact power, ultimate reliability and maximum economic efficiency. Depending on yarn count and machine length, self-cleaning 2Impact FX technology enables operator to achieve production increases of up to 7700 kg annually, and in absence of cleaning intervals.

The secret behind the success of 2Impact FX is its self-cleaning technology. Thanks to its intelligent design, fibre residues and otheZinser 351 2Impact FX_Raw Materialr dirt particles are expelled out of the air openings by the milling effect at the compacting apron’s deflection points. The airways in the compacting unit remain open during the entire spinning process, and a constant vacuum is ensured. Other systems on the market work with rigid screening drums, the openings become congested with fibre residues, and they clog up over time.  As a result, cross-section of the air openings, and therefore the vacuum, is constantly changing. Compact power is therefore lost, and constant compact quality is impossible. By contrast, 2Impact FX guarantees full compact power, metre after metre, spindle after spindle, lot after lot.

Unlike other systems 2Impact FX has its own controlled vacuum unit, working independently of the yarn break suction system. This prevents the compact power from being absorbed by the suctionsystem. This prevents the compact power from being absorbed by the suction system. With 2Impoact FX, the set point value for the compacting vacuum only needs to be entered once via the user friendly EasySpin touch screen. The control system with vacuum sensor and independent, frequency-controlled motor continually ensures the desired actual value.

Schlafhorst also offers additional customer benefits through other design advantages. For example, with 2Impact FX the same components are used at each spinning unit as to compare to other systems on the market, the components do not change in terms of their specifications along the machine, thus no risk of confusion when replacing parts on the 2Impact FX. Staffing and logistics costs are also reduced, in contrast to other systems on the market.

Zinser compact spinning technology extracts the optimum from every raw material. Depending on the system, 2Impact FX is able to process short fibres extremely well. Raw material costs can therefore be significantly reduced with the Zinser 351 2Impact FX. Even cotton qualities with a higher short fibre component, will give good yarn values, including significant raw material savings.


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