Award winning “One Way” ecological chemical selection at AATCC International Conference

Award winning “One Way” ecological chemical selection at AATCC International Conference

At the late AATCC International Conference, on April 2, 2014, Bryan Dill, Global Director for Archroma Colour Management Services, jointly with AATCC’s Dyeing Applications Committee Chair, introduced the ONE WAY methodology developed by Archroma to take a systematic approach to the ecological selection of chemicals and production processes

With an estimated six million t of textile chemicals used annually, the environmental impact of textile processing has become a global concern. Brand owners and retailers are putting more emphasis on the environmental impact of textile wet processes. In response, Archroma has developed ONE WAY, a tool developed with input from Archroma brand and mill production customers.

ONE WAY helps brand owners, retailers and textile manufacturers meet their sustainability targets in a fast and reliable manner. A three step, highly systematic approach to identify and select products and processes assists them on the way towards more sustainable textiles.

All ONE WAY dyes and chemicals are measured against more than 15 textiles eco-standards by Archroma product stewardship specialists who are scoring their toxicological and ecological profiles. The methodology offers process categorisation, allowing mills to pair product selection with one of four process groups, based on environmental focus. To quantify the impact of product and process selection, Archroma has developed a sophisticated software package, the ONE WAY Calculator, to access cost, performance and environmental profile of ONE WAY products.

Archroma ONE WAY sustainability service is the winner of the prestigious ICIS Innovation Award for Best Business Innovation 2013. The award confirms Archroma’s strong commitment to innovation with world class quality standards, high service levels, cost efficiency and sustainability.

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