Awards – The list of the winners of the INDEX 14 Awards


The list of the winners of the INDEX 14 Awards

At the opening day, April 8, 2014 of the IndexTM in Geneva (CH), the largest global meeting place for the nonwovens supply chain and its customers, EDANA announced the winners of the INDEX14 awards in the different categories

In the category Nonwoven Roll Goods, the winner is Sandler’s Fibrecomfort® tread- and waterproof roof insulation. The jury commented: This product expands the market for nonwovens in the construction sector, effectively and efficiently replaces wood by enabling a single solution for roof insulation based only on nonwovens, and is a product which is lighter than alternatives and potentially recyclable.

The winner of Finished products made from, or incorporating nonwovens is Imeco Noccemi® Med Wipes, a virucidal, bactericidal, alcohol free and disinfectant which offers a timely answer to help prevent healthcare associated infections, and which will help reduce healthcare costs through more efficient cleaning of potentially contaminated areas.

Lenzing – TENCEL®Skin promotion campaign is the winner of the most original marketing campaign for a product made from, or incorporating nonwovens.  The campaign is a highly aesthetic and artistic video which lends life to the fibre and connects it to people, and effectively  conveys the main properties of the fibre.

In the category Innovation in machinery of special relevance to the nonwovens industry, the winner is Eastman CyphrexTM microfibers, a useful way to provide custom microfiber blends, wihich enables a new level of flexibility in wetlaid nonwovens.

The winner of Innovation in machinery of special relevance to the nonwovens industry is ITW Dynatec – VectorTM Surge Applicator. This simple and compact piece of hardware enables the customised application of adhesives, while minimising waste. Highly versatile, the device can be integrated into any line.

Ahlstrom Flow2SaveTM filter media won in the category of Sustainable Product. It is an innovative fibre media which saves energy (compared to conventional micro-glass media) and offers a low pressure drop at all efficiency levels, providing significant cost savings over the life time of the filter.

The winner of Sustainable process or management practice is TJ Beall – True Cotton Greige Cotton Nonwoven for Wound Healing and Hygienic Product Applications. It is a paradigm change compared to cotton currently available for nonwovens, which efficiently exploits the natural properties of cotton fibre, and is an effective alternative to bleached cotton. It is a smart way to use “waste”cotton.

The Award is a piece of art designed by world famous Belgian sculptor, Olivier Strebelle (*1927), the stunning work of art is both beautiful and representative of the diversity of EDANA’s members and their products.

EDANA serves more than 240 companies across 36 countries in the nonwovens and related industries, helping its members to design their future. The Association’s mission is to create the foundation for sustainable growth of the nonwovens and related industries through active promotion, education and dialogue.


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