Worth Reading – ACIMIT published its Green Guide 2014

Worth Reading

ACIMIT published its Green Guide 2014

ACIMIT, the association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers has just published its Green Guide 2014 (56 pages)Acimit-Green-Guide-1

This reference guide explains the ACIMIT certified Green Label and its history, the involved parties and entails also a list of portraits of the members participating.

The Green Guide is an excellent tool to provide all relevant information when ACIMIT is presenting the Italian Textile Machinery abroad.

A chapter of what ACIMIT’s green label will bring to a sustainable future has been written by D’Appolonia (delivering the technical details of the label) and RINA, the standardisation body. In this chapter the authors make the following statement: “The textile machinery sector is not governed by specific standards or directives forcing manufacturers to calculate, declare and provide measures to reduce their environmental footprint. It is our opinion that a complete legislation on this matter, that would define standard references and procedures for calculating the performance of such machinery, is an important, but still long term objective. Moreover, a sudden duty of sustainability procedures implementation, or compulsory compliance could even bring the risk of overcharging manufacturers with a completely new subject to take care of.”

It continues: “The “Sustainable Technologies” project makes all the Italian textile machines manufacturers sensible on the sustainability issue. It is characterised by a use of “Life Cycle Thinking” approach as driver for development.  All of these companies are aware of the meaning of sustainability and know the main instruments of LCA Life Cycle Analysis to assess the environmental performance of their products. “

More details can be found on the website below.



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