Enhanced research collaboration – including Technical Textiles – between Germany and Korea

Enhanced research collaboration – including Technical Textiles – between Germany and Korea

On March 26, 2014 and in Berlin (D), a meeting took place between the AIF, the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations “Otto von Guericke” e.V., and KIAT, THE Korean Institute for Photo-1_Sang-Keun-LEE,-KIAT,-together-with-Prof.-Gries,-ITAAdvancement of Technology

On that day, there was a workshop with representatives of companies, both from Germany and South Korea and where AIF and KIAT declared an enhance research collaboration between Germany and Korea.

Also Professor Thomas Gries and Hyun-Young Lee from ITA Institut für Textiltechnik (Institute for textile technology) attended in view to get acquainted with cooperation partners to implement future projects between the two countries. They were accompanied by Frank Leisten of AGIT (the business development agency), Aachen (D) and Dr. Seung Mok Yoo, Director of KITECH European Joint Research and Development office of Korea Institute for Industrial Technology.

AIF with various industrial partners, but also of science and research form a corporation of different research associations to develop different stages of innovation. In the focus of AIFs efforts is to attract SMEs small to medium sized enterprises with innovative potential.

KIAT as a public institution promotes Korean technological policies, the structure of technological infrastructure, as well as the exchange and market spread of industrial technologies.

According to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research there is still a lack of innovative SMEs as suppliers needed for economic development, spurring high interest at large companies in South Korea, thus offering opportunities for German companies, particularly in technology intensive sectors such as electronics, automobile manufacture, shipbuilding, medical technology, biotechnology and environmental technology. The research cooperation will simplify the market entry for German companies in these sectors.

According to Professor Gries “there is a great market for innovative technical textiles to make use and benefit together”.

On March 27, 2014, German Minister of Economy, Sigmar Gabriel, and Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Dr. Yoon Sang-jick, signed an agreement of cooperation to enhance collaboration within the framework for ZIM, the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs.


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