Oerlikon Barmag’s first WinTape Winders successfully installed in USA

Oerlikon Barmag’s first WinTape Winders successfully installed in USA

2014-03_OBA_WinTape_K2-en-2Two well known American carpet manufacturers produce with Oerlikon Barmag’s new fully automatic Win Tape Winders, unveiled for the first time at K2013

The new automatic WinTapewinding system needs only a low level of operator involvement depending on the specific technological application. The winder operates without any operating staff for up to 24 hours. The automatic precision winder has extraordinary transfer reliability when processing both in single and dual tapes. The virtually 100 % safe and reliable automatic transfer of dual tapes for warp packages used on carpet backing has been a globally unsolved technical challenge up to now. The central control system, with recipe management, and supervision with protection against unauthorised changing, as well as the electronically-adjustable crossing angles, ensure excellent package quality. Its automatic package transfer and the storage of up to two full packages and up to four empty tubes, guarantee an uncomplicated, reliable operating cycle.  The transfer tail can be defined and selected as desired in terms of length round off is an innovative new development of the Chemnitz-based Oerlikon Barmag subsidiary. The outstanding price-performance ration makes the WinTape a prudent investment, because the acquisition costs for the automatic tape winder are about half of those for the alternative components available at the plastics trade fair.

The WinTape forms an efficient double-act when combined with the also newly launched EvoTape system, allowing up to 50 % greater efficiency compared to conventional standard systems, thus Oerlikon Barmag has managed a quantum leap in efficiency. At n “Open House” event taking place at the Chemnitz site concurrent to the plastics trade fair, interested customers could witness the benefits and advantages of the company’s new developments.

Oerlikon Barmag is – according to in-house information – the world market leader for spinning systems and equipment for manmade fibres, such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene, and for texturing machines. As a service provider, the company offers engineering solutions along the entire textile value added chain. As a future oriented company, it attaches great importance to energy efficiency and sustainable technologies in all of its developments. The core competencies include the manufacture of corresponding components for the production of manmade fibres, such as extruders, winders, pumps and godets. Oerlikon Barmag is an established successful niche market supplier with winders for special yarns and tape. Monofilament systems are developed and manufactured at the Chemnitz (D).


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