Archroma at INDIGO 2014 to prove its Creative Eco-Advanced Denim Production is real

Archroma at INDIGO 2014 to prove its Creative Eco-Advanced Denim Production is real

Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals, and the former textile, paper and emulsion businesses of Clariant, will reveal inspirational design possibilities achievable with eco-advanced denim production at the InDIGO denim B2B expo from April 24-26, 2014 at ExpoCentre in Noida, India, ExpoCentre (Booth 32, Sec. 62).

Archroma will demonstrate how fabric producers and brands can benefit from its “Advanced Denim” concept to expand colour horizons, create soil-resistant finishes and significantly reduce the impact of denim manufacturing on the environment. Based on “Denim-OX” and “Pad/Sizing-Ox” processes, water consumption can be reduced by up to 92 %, up to 63 % of the usual cotton waste can be avoided, and up to 30 % can be saved in energy costs compared to traditional denim processes.

Visitors to InDIGO will have an opportunity to see prototypes and garment collections featuring the latest developments of Advanced Denim under the motto latest “illustration collection” showing “Blue ideas come true”. The newest garments in the Advanced Denim collection illustrate how the approach supports designers’ creativity and ideas with the right combination of dyestuffs and effects. Colours, wash-downs, fabrics, etc. can be played together by those innovative denim brands and professionals constantly in search for eco-advanced denim solutions to help them to stay true to their values.

Colours other tan blue haven been tricky to achieve in the past. Archroma’s original Diresul® RDT dyes offered a first solution to this issue. At the show, Archroma will demonstrate to denim manufacturers how they now can expand their colour horizons with a new range of six dyes especially designed to produce soft denim colours in continuous dyeing processes with Optisul® C dyes. These “affinity-free sulphide-free” dyes, suitable for GOTS and bluesign® standards can be combined with each other at low concentrations to obtain collections of jeans in a wide array of easily achievable and reproducible soft colours, all while using the most sustainable Advanced Denim technology.

Combining functionality and lifestyle is a challenge that is constantly influencing the development work of designers and brands across the world, especially when they long for eco-advanced solutions. Archroma’s water and soil management finishing technology, such as C6-based Nuva® N4547 and Nuva N1811, or fluorine-free Arkophob® FFR, are designed to help denim stay clean and fesh, whilst Archroma’s Arkofix/R ELF provides just the right amount of 3D effects that make that much sought-after effortless chic look so good.

Archroma’s ONE WAY is recognised for its game changing approach to textile manufacturing, based on the strong conviction that both ecological and economic benefits are reachable.  It is a three step systematic approach to the selection of chemicals and production processes, once completed, it gives customers calculation results and assesses the cost, performance and environmental profile of the evaluated products and processes.

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