Shima Seiki to hold private show in Italy

Shima Seiki to hold private show in Italy

Shima Seiki Italia S.p.A., the Italian subsidiary of leading Japanese computerised knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki MFG., LTD, holds these days (March 26 -28, 2014) a private exhibition at its headquarters in Segrate, Milano (I)

SRY123LPThe exhibition will be a showcase for the company’s technologically advanced line-up of computerised flat knitting machines, each featuring the company’s exclusive four-needle-bed knitting technologies. MACH2X series WholeGarment® knitting machines feature Shima’s original SlideNeedle on four knitting beds for full WholeGarment® production capability. SWG-FIRST series machines feature in addition to its two needle beds with SlideNeedes, a transfer jack bed and a loop presser bed for increased knitting capability. Shima’s brand new SRY123LP machine with two loop presser bed mounted above its conventional needle beds for performing inlay and other techniques for producing unprecedented knitwear with woven textures and fabrics for industrial textiles. The company will also showcase its SWG061N compact WholeGarment® knitting machine.

Demonstrations will also be performed on Shima’s SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system being at core of the company’s “Total Knitting System” concept. With comprehensive support of all aspects throughout the knit supply chain, APEX3 integrates knit production into one smooth and efficient workflow from planning and design to machine programming, production and even sales promotion. Especially effective is APEX3’s capability to improve on the planning process with Virtual Sampling. Photo realistic simulation capability minimises the need for sample making, effectively reducing time, material and cost of the sampling process.  

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