Finnish Ahlstrom introduces high performance surgical drapes

Finnish Ahlstrom introduces high performance surgical drapes

Ahlstrom a global high performance fibre based materials company, introduced last Monday Ahlstrom TrustShieldTM. It is an extensive range of high performance surgical drapes for the operating theatre

Drapes_525TrustShieldTM surgical drapes range from absorbent to repellent, delivering the highest level of protection anytime. Impervious and absorbent drapes are made from laminate fabrics and designed for the most demanding surgeries by creating a total barrier to bacteria and viruses.

Ahlstrom’s repellent SMS (spunbond-meltblow-spunbond) fabrics are designed for low risk surgeries, where minimal amounts of fluid are present. They are made from single-use nonwovens, and they are widely preferred to conventional linen, because of the microbiological barrier provided. They form an important part in the fight against HAI Hospital Acquired Infections.

In the operating theatre, the success of a surgery is a combination of several factors. Choosing the right material for a surgical drape is one of them. Fabric barrier and strength are the key requirements for surgical drapes, yet other characteristics such as drapability and linting, must be taken into account to protect the patient, without interfering with the surgery process.

Ahlstrom’s drape materials are available in a range of compositions, weights and colours. Their properties can be tailored to match the specific performance requirements.

The key benefits are that they are absorbent, to ensure a cleaner operating room floor in high fluid surgeries. They are repellent to avoid fluid penetration low fluid surgeries. Further, they are impervious allowing a total barrier to bacteria and viruses, in addition, they are of high strength to avoid punctures and tears, and they are compliant with EN 13795. A plus is also that they are easy to handle and with low lint.  

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