Antibacterial mattress treatment long term proven in real hotel test

Antibacterial mattress treatment long term proven in real hotel test

For the first time ever, mattresses treated with Sanitized® were subjected to a real hotel test over six years and revealing that all characteristics of the microbe protection remained intact

Swiss Sanitized AG is the leading company worldwide in the field of hygiene function and material protection of textiles and synthetic material.

SANITIZED_Matratzenhygiene_BildThe realty check on the long lasting dust mite, anti-bacterial and fungi protection of mattresses treated with Sanitized® took place at Hotel Stadthaus in Burgdorf (CH) over a timeframe of six years.

According to in-house information, it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate household dust  mites. Up to 10000 of these arachnids live in one gram of dust. But not the mites themselves are stressing people with allergies. It is their feces, triggering a response in every tenth German and every fifth European. Mattresses offer the perfect living space for mites, because the average person leaves up to 1.5 litres of sweat and about 1.5 grams of dandruff there, every night! Offering ideal conditions for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi, and in turn, causing unwanted odours and premature material destruction in mattresses.

It has long been proved that the antimicrobial hygiene function from Sanitized AG is effective on mattress ticking. The patented technology applied is based on the active ingredient zinc pyrithione. Until now, however it was not possible to fully prove how long the protection against dust mites, bacteria and fungi the application remains active.

In order to prove the long term effectiveness, a case study was initiated with the four star Hotel Stadthaus, a tradition rich hotel in Burgdorf (CH). The hotel was outfitted with 29 mattresses with integrated Sanitized® function. After six years of regular use in real hotel operations, the mattresses underwent different test procedures. The result: no verifiable allergens (dust mite feces) revealed the Dräger Bio-Check and no measures were required. The Laboratoire T.E.C. in Anglet, France, based upon the international AFNOR test standard, confirmed that the dust mite effectiveness was still present after six year use. Further investigations were applied in order to control the first tests, as well as supplemental tests were conducted to determine antimicrobial effectiveness. These tests focused on bacteria and fungi, which are responsible for the presence of unwanted odours and premature material destruction, as well as dust mite feces, causing allergic reactions. There were resulting drastic differences between treated and untreated control samples. The mattresses finished with Sanitized® hygiene function did not show any relevant infestation by germs, bacteria, or fungi, thus the mattresses continue to be safe for people suffering from allergies.

Sanitized AG works with textile mills worldwide, labelling hygiene competence of their articles with the Sanitized® Quality Seal, and the company witnesses a growing interest in such partnerships. Urs Zihlmann, Product Manager Textile at Sanitzed AG, states: “Manufacturers have recognized that these added product benefits are offering important product differentiation”. Thomas Jann, Director of Hotel Stadthaus, makes sure that his guests know that he pays attention to total hygiene at his hotel, therefore he actively advertises that mattresses are treated with Sanitized®.

Hygiene in hotels plays a key role to achieve a good ranking in the hotel star classification system. Beyond this, cleanliness takes also growing importance in hotel evaluation websites. Urs Zihlmann is convinced that the new form of transparency will encourage more hotel operators to pay attention to this additional seal of quality.

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