Swiss SSM with new CFO and Head of After Sales

SSM_Marco_Sarain Swiss SSM Schärer, Schweiter Mettler AG has named as of March 2014 a new CFO based at SSM’s headquarter in Horgen (CH) and it elected also a new Head of After Sales Services

The new CFO is Marco Sarain, having a degree in finance from the GSBA Graduate School of Business Administration in Zurich, Switzerland and an Executive Master of Corporate Finance by IFZ Zug (CH). He has gained proven management skills in various executive positions and in machine manufacturing industry for many years. Most recently he served as CFO of Carl Heusser AG, Cham (CH).

The new Head of After Sales Services becomes Christian Widmer. He is working with SMS since 2008 as Head of the Operations Department.

SSM is in its own view the brand and trendsetter driving the global market in winding technology. Its competence is to be found in the handling of yarn duringSSM_Christian_Widmer the winding and yarn processing operations, and to obtain best package quality by combining all necessary characteristics, in order to provide customers with the optimisation of quality and efficiency in downstream processes. Despite the very competitive situation in the textile machinery business, SSM was able to maintain its market leadership.

In 2013, the Group, Schweiter Technologies reported sales of CHF 686 million (CHF 674 million) and an operating result (EBITDA ) of CHF 64.0 million (CHF 61.4 million). The net profit decreased from CHF 40.1 million to CHF 30.2 million.

In 2014, both the textile segment (10 % of sales) and 3A Composites (90 % of sales) were starting well. SSM expects further increase in volumes for its windin g business for staple yarn and natural fibre processing, particularly in China and other Asian markets. The same goes for its texturising business for filaments and by benefiting on the acquisition of Guidici in 2012.

Last year, the group invested significantly in marketing, new products and manufacturing, around CHF 30 million, to enhance its product portfolio. Thereof around CHF 10 million were earmarked for the acquisition of an Indian competitor in the 3A Composite area, and at the same time gaining local manufacturing capacities.

Recently Schweiter introduced the second generation of PET, a new structural foam for application in the marine and aerospace markets.

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