The newest official Swiss trade data

The newest official Swiss trade data

Swiss exports/imports in February 2014 expanded, exports by 7 % to CHF 17019 million and imports by 3 % to CHF 14403 million

The aggregated figures of export for the months January/February amount to CHF 34171 million or  + 5.3 % and imports reached CHF 29005 million or + 1.8 %.

Textile, Clothing and footwear were again lower in exports, namely -1.8 % just the same figure as in February 2013. The relevant total figure for February is CHF 250 million and for the first two months 2014 CHF 516 million (-0.9 %). On the other hand such imports amounted to CHF 625 million (+1.3 %) in February and for January/ February CHF 1245 million (-0.9%).

The export of Textile Machinery amounted to CHF 93 million in February 2014, or +11.4 % and for the two months the total was CHF 181 million (+7.4 %).

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