Lindauer Dornier launches DORNIER Composite Systems

Lindauer Dornier launches DORNIER Composite Systems

At the recent JEC Paris show (March 11 -13, 2014) Dornier was the first time present and launched its new logo “DORNIER Composite Systems”, combining its core competences from both business branches, weaving and system construction

The family owned enterprise no longer produces aircraft parts but is a technological world leader in weaving systems for technical textiles, as well as large production plants for biaxial stretched thermoplastic films. The company invests around 8 % of its turnover annually in R&D.

Innovations in the textile sector, as well as in plastic engineering are the base of DORNIER Composite Systems. Its aim is to make use of the evolving strengths and synergies to shape this innovative market together with its partners by integrating this technology in a wide range of applications, with new options in surface structures, combining improved functionality, for instance lightweight construction, in transport and construction industries or general protection functions.

Closed or straight fabric structures are supplemented more and more by new grid-type multi-axial woven structures and 3DJacquard fabrics can be manufactured with Dornier technology. The weaving process represents the first industrialised way of “digital” manufacturing, allowing interesting perspectives in terms of reproducibility and process stability for large scale series production. The complete system offering from Dornier convinces through solid, longstanding mechanical engineering experience and weaving technology competence and creates added value for its customers in view to coating, further processing and manufacturing semi-finished products.

DORNIER Composite Systems allow manufacturing high quality final products by synchronising all levels of the production process, and with highest precision. Comprehensive performance and solution offers deliver stable production processes and new products.

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