Water is a very important raw material source

Water is a very important raw material source

Tomorrow, March 22, 2014 the world is reminded at the World’s Water Day that water is a very important raw material source and becoming scarcer

Annual consumption is around 3862000 million m3, thereof goes more than two thirds into the agriculture sector and a fifth is earmarked for industrial use.

More and more companies focus on water, because it will become dearer and scarcer. Swiss Nestlé’s Chairman has established a blog on water as a very important source and how the company is trying to educate people around the world to save water and to act, produce and consume sustainably.

Also German Chemical giant BASF consumes water within the industrial sector, or around 0.29 % in order to cool, solvents and cleaners, as well as in its entire production. The company contributes with its sustainable products to an efficient use of water and develops solutions for the future providing of water.

We are all aware that certain textile and clothing processes need water, but more and more innovative and sustainable processing is helping to reduce water consumption and also textile machinery manufacturers are driving their efforts to minimal use of water for applications.



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