Oerlikon Balzers increases production for Diamond Coating

Oerlikon Balzers increases production for Diamond Coating

In order to meet growing demand from aircraft and automotive industries, Oerlikon Balzers is increasing production floor space by more than 50 % and enlarges surface solution offering

According to Dr. Hans Brändle, CEO of Oerlikon Coating Segment, is the success of diamond coatings just the latest example of how the segment is achieving growth through innovative product development in the surface solutions sector.

The expansion follows the company’s recent announcement to acquire the thermal spray-coating business Sulzer Metco to make the Oerlikon Segment the technology leader in surface solutions.

The extra capacity will be located at Niederkorn Coating Centre in Luxembourg, the global competence centre for high-performance carbon coating for cutting tools. Besides floor space expansion, the centre will further improve technology and quality of its diamond coating processes to the state-of-the-art standard.

Oerlikon Balzer’s customers from aircraft and automotive sectors bet on the diamond coating BALINIT DIAMOND PLUS. These companies are increasingly using CFRP carbon-fibre reinforced plastics because of lightweight and robust characteristics. Processing CFRP requires extremely wear resistant, sharp and smooth cutting tools.

Diamonds are the toughest naturally material, but are not an affordable option, but BALINT DIAMOND and BALINT DIAMOND PLUS coatings are the best alternative by significantly enhancing the performance of cutting tools by a factor of up to 10, compared to non-coated tools.

The Niederkorn Coating Centre is one of four Oerlikon Balzers centre serving the high tech requirements of the aircraft industry. It hold de Nadcap National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program Certificate. Surface solutions started with thin film PVD Physical Vapour Deposition decades ago. The Oerlikon Segment acquired and developed adjacent technologies, such as PPD Pulsed Plasma Diffusion, ePD embedded PVD for design parts, Plasma Nitriding, rounded up by polishing and regrinding services.


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