Energy Made-to Measure information campaign by EURATEX

Energy Made-to Measure information campaign by EURATEX

EURATEX initiates an information campaign running until 2015 to empower over 300 companies, notably SMEs, to become more energy efficient. The initiative is based on joint efforts of two collaborative projects, namely SESED co-funded by the EU Intelligent Energy Europe programme and ARTISAN, co-funded by the EU 7th Framework programme for Research


The energy bill in Europe has always been a crucial element in the competitiveness of the textile sector. Today, companies across the entire T&C textile & clothing value chain place more and more at the centre of their growth strategy both sustainable production and higher efficiency. This will better suit millions of educated consumers willing to buy more sustainable products.

Energy Made-to-Measure will pursue Energy Efficiency in the T&C industry until 2015 by promoting synergies between European projects and organisations, the use of analytical tools, best practises, quality information delivered to managers, and training of companies’ staff.

The actions shall ultimately enable companies to be aware of their energy saving potential, opportunities, upcoming legal obligations and financial incentives.

The campaign’s details will be released on the internet and include updates on the initial 14 public events which are being organised to meet SMEs, starting in Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Portugal.

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