Rudolf Group’s customers showed Rudolf ‘s application technology at ISPO Munich (D)

Rudolf Group’s customers showed Rudolf ‘s application technology at ISPO Munich (D)

Over years German Rudolf has set the trend to viable compatibility of seemingly incompatible properties by achieving highest functionality, for instance with environmentally friendly materials or implementing water absorbing and water repellent coatings on one textile layer and they became standard finishes today

To better control the value added chain, a laminate (functional fabric) has been developed, setting a new standard of laminate technology: waterproof, breathable and windproof. In contrast to other manufacturers, Rudolf’s membrane or laminate is Teflon (PTFE free) and fluor-carbon-free (FS free). Tests of the laminate have yielded that PFC values (amongst other PFOS, PFOA) are below the limits of detection. The laminate technology is marketed as BIONIC-FINISH® ECO.

Products with SILVERPLUS® have a unique hygienic and fresh effect and allow reliable antibacterial protection, and it stops the development of odour, offering a comfortable feel, especially people suffering from allergies or asthmatic patients may wear them without problems. The product still has antibacterial and odourless effects, when sweating extensively for instance when exercising sport activities.

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is used as an ecological impregnation for children’s wear. The developed collection of toys manufacturer offers a highly functional winter and outdoor line, and in these surroundings one finds a complete clothes concept – with everything from top to toe, from underwear to outerwear, from trousers to T-Shirts as boy’s or girls’ outfit.

ISPO Munich 2014 (catering to the international sports industry) in February registered more than 80000 visitors from 110 countries, honouring 2565 exhibitors from 51 countries with their presence. 66 % of the visitors came from abroad, most of them from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Great Britain, but also from the USA and Russia. Exhibitor space was increased by 1500 m2 to 104720 m2. Also new special exhibit areas were added, such as Padel Tennis, the new Health & Fitness Hall, the latter was an important step forward to create a new target group for ISPO. Visitors rated the show from excellent to good (75 %).  Additional 24 % ranked the show as good. In view to their outlook for 2014, 48 % of the responding visitors stated their belief that ISPO Munich will continue to gin importance, 49 % stated that the event’s significance would remain the same. IPO BRANDNEW was rated as very good to good competition. The sports industry’s seal of quality, the ISPO AWARDs, generated a high level of media exposure and a lot of attention from trade show visitors and the international press.

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