German Brückner’s activity and positioning in China

German Brückner’s activity and positioning in China

German Brückner Textile Technology Group represents an owner run textile mechanical engineering and manufacturing company with more than 60 years of tradition and experience

Pic2_Brueckner_Scheid_and_Jin2Brückner is a system supplier in the fields of dry finishing of knitted and woven fabrics and finishing of Technical Textiles.  The company is not only a supplier of machines but its customer’s partner. Its brand stands for reliability, continuity and personal customer relationship.

Closeness to the market is manifested in the example of China. In 2004 the company set up its own sales representative office and where Liu Jian Feng and Qiu Gui Hua are stationed today. Both sales managers enjoy a long time experience in the textile field, as well as in various Technical Textile applications. They support customers over Mainland China and recommend the best machine configuration for the customer’s need and by achieving highest performance with lowest energy consumption.

In addition, Brückner has appointed different agents for different areas to keep in touch with customers and to discuss and fulfil their requirements. The agent for Fujian and Guangdong province is Union Trading (China) Ltd., located in Hong Kong. For the reminder of provinces it is Chemtax Industrial & Co. Ltd. Hong Kong with various branch offices in China.

In order to meet the special demands of specific industries, Brückner cooperates with the agency Sinoca Trading Shanghai Ltd., particularly for woollen and worsted projects in China.

Since the early 1990s, Brückner sold hundreds of different types of machines to very well known customers in China, such as the biggest terry towel producer in the world, the largest lace fabric producer in China, or the major circuit board producer in China, among others.

Many years ago, Brückner has also established its own Service Centre in China, with offices in Hong Kong, Panyu and Shanghai and Gerhard Scheid is at the helm of these offices since decades, supported by his assistant Ms Echo Ji.

The different locations and service centres, along with the experienced technicians assist customers in cases of erection/commissioning and service support within a very short time, because it is the aim of Brückner that all machinery delivered and installed are running smoothly to the satisfaction of the customer.

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