An Italian Brioni hand woven Suede Bomber for over USD 10000

An Italian Brioni hand woven Suede Bomber for over USD 10000

BN-BU252_brioni_GS_20140305154047Creative director of Italian Brioni, Brendan Mullane, works with Italian artisans. A woven suede bomber jacket is one of these products creating a feeling among the artisans between joy and hate, reports the WSJ Wall Street Journal

It was a difficult task to accomplish the creation of the jacket for the spring collection. The bomber jacket is made from calfskin suede, cut into thin strips and woven by hand, in a factory just outside of Milan, by a group of leather weavers Mullane found specifically to create this piece. The weave’s pattern, which sits somewhere between a check and a houndstooth, is based on a silk Brioni tie that he found in the archives of one of the label’s oldest tie suppliers. There were five trials needed to accomplish the closest to the tie’s pattern.

Because of this hand production processes, the jackets price tag is – not surprisingly – high, namely USD 12995, but Mullane confirmed to the WSJ: “Brioni got more orders than he expected, just under one hundred pieces”

Mullane is with Brioni only a year and a half, and occupied to uphold the brand’s legacy while keeping its vision contemporary and innovative. The idea behind the jacket was “to create something in a shape that you could imagine would be part of the Brioni man’s wardrobe, but made in such an artisanal way that makes it completely different.” For spring, he showed the jacket with a pair of pressed gray trousers, a white shirt and checked tie. The piece would work as well in casual circumstances with dark jeans, a polo shirt and sued loafers.

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