Swedish clothier KappAhl places women into the focus

Swedish clothier KappAhl places women into the focus

The Swedish clothier KappAhl places women into the focus, both as customers and employees

The clothier is operating in eight countries with 4500 employees, not only store associates but also designers, buyers, pattern makers, marketers, accountants, IT specialists and many more. In all categories there are 93 % women, on the board of directors there are 67 % women and 50 % in management positions and 79% in senior positions. These results are from a workplace survey, confirming that the company is conscious to create a workplace that fits the majority of women who work at all levels.

The employee strategy is followed up in KappAhl’s annual employee survey showing a great commitment among employees. In 2013 the response rate was 92.4 % and showing improvements in all key areas, after a year of changes in both organisation and working methods. The company ranks high on lists of workplaces where employees are performing, thriving and staying. Fully 97 % of the employees declare that they would recommend the company as workplace. In a workplace with many women, it is about understanding what it means to be in the prime of life, with a career, professional development, family and spare time.

KappAhl was founded in 1953. It is one of the Nordic region’s leading fashion retailer with close to 400 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland, and Shop Online. The company offers value-for-money fashion of its own design to the many people, men, women and children, with a special focus on women in the prime of life. In 2012/13, sales amounted to SEK4.8 billion (around USD 661 million).


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