BASF inaugurates a new global R&D centre in Mubai, India

BASF inaugurates a new global R&D centre in Mubai, India

On March 7, 2014 the German chemical giant BASF inaugurated its new global R&D  centre at its Thane site in Navi Mumbai, India, focusing on organic synthesis, advanced process and formulation research, discovery chemistry for modern agricultural solutions and molecular modelling

The initial investment amounted to EUR 2 million. The new site was set up by BASF under its group Company, BASF Chemicals India Pvt Ltd., and it will give home to more than 60 scientists in the first phase.

According to Dr. Harald Lauke, President, Bilogical & Effect Systems Research at BASF, it is a significant step closer to BASF’s globalisation goal in R&D. It is planned to conduct 50 % of its research activities outside of Europe, one quarter in Asia Pacific. BY establishing a global research presence in Mumbai, BASF will be able to work directly with a wide range of scientific talents in India and by taking steps towards the strategic goal to innovate from Asia Pacific, for Asia Pacific and the world. Currently the company evaluates further investment options into R&D in Asia Pacific, including India.

“Market driven research and development is the cornerstone of BASF’s global “We Create Chemistry” strategy, and therefore a significant expanding of the R&D network in Asia Pacific is taking place. With the unique combination of chemistry, application know how and improved R&D set-up, BASF is well positioned to work even more closely with its customers across the region and globally, and to help them to solve their  challenges and develop sustainable solutions.

BASF recently established an Agronomical Research and Development Field Station in Pune, near Mumbai, for its agricultural business, because India represents a core market for BASF with a strong scientific community. BY enhancing its local R&D presence, the company realises enhancements going beyond the scope of today’s solutions.

IN 2013, BASF continued the worldwide expansion of its R&D centres, especially in Asia and North America. The investment in R&D amounted to EUR 1.8 billion and there are around 10650 associates globally, and a research pipeline of 3000 projects globally. BASF is committed to offer chemistry based solutions for almost all sectors of the industry. BASF filed around 1300 new patents worldwide.

In India, BASF maintains a strong R&D presence through its sites in Mangalore and Mumbai, which form part of a global Technology Platform. Strategically located to offer close proximity to key production assets and customers. These facilities support close collaboration between research, development and business teams on site. BASF has successfully partnered India’s progress for over a century, with 13 of BASF’s 14 global businesses maintaining a local presence in India today. The company maintains excellent performance in environment, health and safety, in line with BASF global an internationally accepted standards. On the social front, its community development activities focus on relief and rehabilitation, women’s empowerment, education and improving governance standards. BASF has in India 2254 employees at eight production sites and sales offices and two R&D centres. In 2013 BASF registered sales of EUR 1.02 billion to customers in India.

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