Fellows 2014 of Ellen MacArthurFoundation and Schmidt Family Foundation

5th-March-2014On March 5, 2014 the Ellen MacArthurFoundation and Schmidt Family Foundation announced the names of the Fellows 2014: Kevin Shabazi, Delft University of Technology, NL (MSc Integrated Product Design); Dustin Watkins, London Business School, GB (MBA, Strategy & Economics); Ricky Ashenfelter & Emily Malina, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (MBA, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Taru Joshi, National Institute of Design, IND (Ceramic &Glass Design); Johnathan Krones, MIT, USA (Engineering Systems), Pradeep Bhat, Politecnico di Milano, I (MBA); Beate Sonerud, Imperial College GB (M£BA, Strategy & Economics); Hanna Breunig, University of California Berkeley USA (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Eleanor Banwell, Imperial College London, GB (Innovation Design Engineering); Daniel Macri, Yale University, USA (Environmental Management); Joe Kendall, Stanford University, USA (Product Design); Tong Zheng, Tongji University, China (Sustainable Development Economics);Melissa Poutrain, Kedge Business School, F (Marketing); Dale Walker, Cranfield University, GB (Design, MDes in Innovation & Creativity in Industry); Phil Brown, Cranfield University, GB (Environmental Management for Business), and Barry Waddilove, Cranfield University, GB (Design & Innovation for Sustainability).

The Fellowship was launched in 2013 and is a global higher education initiative created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (an independent charity with the aim of accelerating the transition to a regenerative circular economy see TextileFutures Newsletter of Decembr 10, 2013) and the Schmid Family Foundation. The programme has been created to develop skills and innovative thinking required to transition to a circular economy. The Fellowships are open to postgraduate students from a global network of ten Partner Universities, including Imperial College London, Cranfield University, London Business School (all GB), MIT, Yale University, University of Berkeley & Standford University (all US), Euromed Management, Delft University of Technology and MIP Politecnico di Milano (all European), Tongji University in China and India’s National Institute of Design. Students and academic mentors from these universities will take part in a London based intensive summer school before returning to their university to focus on a postgraduate, circular economy innovation project.

Ellen MacArthur, Founder of the Foundation stated: “The calibre of applicants for the 2014 Fellowship Programme has been exceptional – for that reason, we have accepted two extra fellows to the programme this year. It is indicative of how far circular economy thinking has moved on that these students are interested in applying the framework to areas as diverse as engineering systems, nanotechnology, marketing, digital entrepreneurship and urban farming.”

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