Burberry boosts its digital presence

Burberry boosts its digital presence

Tencent, the largest internet company in Asia, and British luxury brand Burberry announced an innovative partnership to boost Burberry’s digital presence in China. Burberry will be leveraging Tencent’s various platforms to engage with a broader mainstream audience in China

The partnership was announced along with the launch of Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection at London Fashion Week on February 17, 2014. This has marked the start of a series of creative collaborations to be seen throughout 2014.

20140227154734ENPRNPRN-TENCENT-BURBERRY-0227-1y-1393516054MRBurberry is to launch an official account on Weixin, the first stage of the partnership. Followers will gain access to exclusive content, which will showcase the inspiration and details behind the key runway looks of the season. Users can also follow VIP guests at the show, including Angelababy, to receive exclusive imagery, audio and text messages. The collaboration will kick-off from China and roll out to other markets globally via the WeChat platform in phased approach.

The partnership of Tencent and Burberry will be extended to other Tencent platforms, such as “Tencent Video” and “Tencent News”, offering tailored interactive multimedia content. Tencent Video brought a comprehensive collection of British drama to the Chinese audience. It is fast becoming one of the largest video sites in China.

In addition, “Tencent News”, China’s leading news app, enables users to customise their news updates, according to users’ preference. Brands have the opportunity to leverage the “Trencent News” model to tailor their offering on Tencent’s extensive platform.

Burberry focuses on meaningful engagement with customers by providing a unique brand experience beyond products. The new Chief Creative Officer at Burberry, Christopher Bailey stated: “We are constantly looking for creative ways to engage platforms, to tell the Burberry story around the world. The Wixin and WeChat platform allows for many creative possibilities to come to life. The Autum/Winter 2014 show is an exciting start, and we look forward to more in the future.”

Commenting on the trend of digital marketing in China, SY Lau, President of Onloine Media Group and Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, explains: “Chinese consumers born in the 1980s are social media savvy. The Burberry partnership is a showcase of how luxury brand can leverage the Tencent platform to reach their audience in an innovative way. It opens up new avenues of digital marketing and brings the unique branding experience to a new level. Our partnership with Burberry will give both of us insights about branding and marketing in the digital world. In China, Tencent provides an ideal platform for luxury brands to engage with their customers. We are looking forward to working with these brands to further enhance their branding experiences in this fast changing digital world”.



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