EU objections to Ahlstrom Munksjö deal

EU objections to Ahlstrom Munksjö deal

Ahlstrom Corporation (high performance fibre based materials) received on February 25, 2014 a Statement of Objections from the EU Commission with respect of alleged misleading information relating to the abrasive paper backings market, provided in connection with the merger notification to the EU Commission, submitted on October 31, 2012, regarding the business combination of Ahlstrom’s Label and Processing business and Munksjö AB. As we all know, the combination was completed in two phases during 2013. The EU Commission’s ongoing investigation does not affect the approval of the combination granted in 2013

Ahlstrom Corporation and Munksjö Oyj disagree with the preliminary position expressed by the EU Commission. The companies take this mater seriously and will respond to the Statement of Objections in due course with a view to clearing any misunderstandings.

A Statement of Objections is a document where the EU Commission sets out its preliminary view in relation to a possible infringement of EU competition rules and allows its addressees to present arguments in response. Consequently, a Statement of Objections is a preparatory document that does not prejudge the EU Commission’s final decision.

Any final decision by the EU Commission is subject to appeal to the European Courts. Violations of the legal provision quoted by the EU commission in Article 14.1(a) of the Merger Regulation may lead to a fine not exceeding 1 % of the aggregate net sales of the companies concerned.

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