Improving cotton production in Africa

Improving cotton production in Africa

African cotton production in Africa is showing encouraging signs of progress in the season 2013-14

Production in Francophone Africa is estimated at 925000 t 2013-14, about the same as in 2012/13, but twice as much as in 2010/11.

Production in Southern Africa is increasing from 393000 t last season to an estimated production volume of 530000 in 2013-14, majorly because of a large gain in Zambia.

Production in Eastern Africa is on the rise from 317000 t in 2012/13 to 455000 t in the ongoing season.

However, all of these figures do not attain the amounts reached early last decade. Burkina Faso produced in 2005-06 300000 t, now 250000 t, Mali 26000 t in 2003-04, now 205000 t, Zimbabwe 130000 t in 2003/04 and now 85000 t.

Contrary, Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia and Mozambique are improving by eliminating side selling by implementing zone concession systems that Allocates local monopolies to certain merchants in return for agreements to supply inputs, providing enhanced education and purchase all seed cotton at administered prices.

Côte d’Ivoire will produce this season an estimated 160000 t and next season 170000 t, setting a new record mark. Zambia’s actual production is estimated at 135000 t and 145000 t next season.  Mozambique is estimated to produce 45000 t this and 50000 next season.

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