Turkish S. Akyildiz Tekstil bets on new Monforts stenter to double capacity

Turkish S. Akyildiz Tekstil bets on new Monforts stenter to double capacity

Sebahattin Akyildiz Tekstil, one of Turkey’s leading producers of home textiles has installed a Monforts Montex 6500 stenter at its production plant in Bursa, North Western Anatolia, to expand the capacity for its Vicenta Home brand


Prior to the new installation, Sebahattin had been relying on a stenter from a competing manufacturer. The new stenter will double capacity. It is the first time that Sebahattin has used Monforts technology. It was delivered by Elitez, Monforts’ representative for Turkey.

The Turkish company was founded in 1991 as a subcontractor for other producers, and upon success started its own production line in 1996.

In 2010 the company began a programme of modernisation, expanding its plant and investing in new equipment. The Montex 6500 stenter was installed towards the end of 2013.

MonfortsIMG_7772 (Large)Yasar Öztürk, production coordinator, stated: “We have been very much aware of the reputation Monforts has for quality and reliability. Vicenta brand has developed quickly since we launched it, and the range of products and designs is continually expanding. Much of our production is based on collections that are renewed each season, and consequently is very time sensitive. Montex will offer an individual adaptation to all finishing effects that Vicenta requires for woven and knitted fabrics, and for polyesters, along with special solutions for pigment dyeing processes. We will now be able to create a greater range of patterns and designs, and experiment with new fabric combinations. A we have such a large production capacity – 120 – 150 t/month, we have the flexibility to include short production runs to test out new fashions and styles.”

Vicenta is produced for the Turkish domestic market and sold through retail outlets nationwide as one of the best known brands of home textiles on the market. The knitted product range includes curtains, drapery, tablecloths and bedding, and features embroidery and lace elements.

The Montex 6500 can handle all types of natural and manmade fibres in woven, knitted and warp knitted form, applying dehydration, drying, curing and heat setting finishes.



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