DyStar’s Annual Sustainability Report

DyStar’s Annual Sustainability Report

Press-Release---DyStar-Releases-Annual-Sustainability-Report-for-2012-1Sustainability becomes ever more important, for the company and for customers. DyStar, a leader in both product and application innovation for the textile and leather industries, has just released its 2012 Sustainability Report

The report provides an insight into DyStar’s progress and initiatives in view to sustainability during 2012k following the guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative GRI3.1.

On the basis of the above application level criteria, the report has been self declared as a Level B report, which also includes its performance on the UNGC UN Global Compact Ten Principles, which DyStarn endorsed in 2011.

Henry Dobrowolski, CEO of DyStar declares: “Our holistic approach towards sustainability and relentless efforts to achieve our goals resulted in significant improvements throughout 2012-“

Some key points include the company’s reduction of its GHG emissions by approximately 13 % which represents a great step towards its internal target of a 20 n% reduction by 2020. The success of DyStar’s initiatives has affirmed the company’s dedication to provide the most sustainable solutions and products to meet customers’ needs, while protecting the environment.

Dr. Charu Jain, DyStar’s Global Sustainability Manager stated: “First we reduce our own impact by being responsible in the use of resources. Secondly, while delivering the best quality products to our customers, we also assist them in decreasing their own environmental and social footprint through the use of clean, safe and efficient products and Best Available Technology. The publication of the 2012 Report underlines the fact that Sustainability Reporting will continue to play a significant role in DyStar’s sustainability strategy to help us to engage ourselves with all our stakeholders and to maintain our leadership in this working area.”

In addition, DyStar has previously released its third Carbon Footprint Report 2012.

A download of DyStar’s Sustainability Report 2012 can be had from the following link.




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