Zyvex Technologies launches second generation of nano-composite

Zyvex Technologies launches second generation of nano-composite

American Zyvex Tehnlogies (founded in 1997) as the world’s first molecular carbon nanotechnology company and the first to commercialise products using carbon nano-materials, is introducing a second generation nano-composite highly toughened with carbon nanotubes under the name of Arovex® HT. It is destined to improve the durability of carbon fibre products

20140128125830ENPRNPRN-ZYVEX-TECHNOLOGIES-LACROSSE-SHAFTS-90-1390913910MRThe new product is building on the broad mechanical property advantage of the first generation of nano-composites developed by Zyvex. It was designed for customers of any indusrry with product that cannot afford to fail. It is delivering extreme fracture toughness with over a 200 % improvement compared to traditional reinforced composite materials. Arovex® HT is the next leader in composite durability. Customers have already found success deploying the first generation of Arovex in sporting goods, aerospace, automotive and marine industries, illustrating the commercialised scale and usefulness of nano-composites.

The key to the enhanced performance of Arovex® HT is patented KenteraTM technology, which acts as the bridge between carbon nano-materials and the resin matrix. Typically, nano-materials agglomerate, or group together, when they are put into a product. Kentera effectively disperses the nano-materials , allowing their mechanical property advantages to transfer loads from the resin matrix to the fibres, thus resulting in tougher, stronger products.

Kerry Prochko, Managing Director at C-12 Lacrosse declared: “Zyvex delivers top-notch technology that helps give our products an advantage in the marketplace. Incorporating Arovex into their lacrosse shafts allowed not only for stronger and lighter sticks, but made also faster shots and better passes, ball control and temperature resistance possible. In a C-12 marketing campaign, the Arovex based carbon fibre lacrosse shafts, which weigh only 1.5 lbs, showed off a 270 lb dead-lift without breaking.

Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Technologies, points out that it takes time for science to make its way into commercially available products. “New materials technology is far from the rapid pace “app” innovation in consumer electronic and other industries. Material developments form the early 2000s, like carbon nano-tubes, are only now seeing success after requiring years of testing, evaluation, supply chain certification, and business development. Zyvex is well positioned for a future of nano-materials, but we are only now beginning to see the impact of a decades old technology like the carbon nano-tube.”

Current North American customer are evaluating Arovex ® HT for new infrastructure applications, and Asian customers are considering Arovex HT for new generations of consumer electronic cases.


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