EU funded textile project for Bangladesh

EU funded textile project for Bangladesh

IAF International Apparel Federation has been granted jointly with BKMEA Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association and HCIA Hellenic Clothing Industry Association an EU funded project for Bangladesh, aimed at capacity building, network extension and knowledge transfer

The project’s goal is that BKMEA and HCIA will be able to better serve their member companies through gaining more international contacts, additional knowledge and more insights. The project includes training sessions in Bangladesh and several networking tips to Europe and to Bangladesh.

IAF will ensure that more IAF members than BKMEA and HCIA members will benefit from the project and by setting up ea peer group to which it invites its members with specific interest in the Bangladesh knitwear industry. Project execution will start very soon.

As we all know the apparel industry plays a big role in the industrial development of many countries by crating millions of jobs worldwide. Improvements in production infrastructure are to be made, this in combination with productivity gains and improvements in working conditions. IAF will contribute to the industrial development of Bangladesh and offers the transfer of expertise and knowledge, helping to improve the apparel industry worldwide.

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