First Pan-European cashless system makes an inroad into fashion service

First Pan-European cashless system makes an inroad into fashion service

Yapital Financial AG – since 2011 a 100 % owned subsidiary of Otto Group, registered in Luxembourg as e-money institution, is the first Pan-European cashless Cross-Channel Payment system serving all channels, stationary, mobile, online and invoice

The system promises easy handling, fast and secure. After online registration the user can make Yapital payments, send money and receive money.

For business customers Yapital is a guaranteed mode of payment, this is processing security and means lower administrative costs. Yapital covers all distribution and service channels and transforms marketing channels to distribution channels, thus not only lowering costs but at the same time by enhancing sales potentials.

On February 6, 2014 Yapital announced a co-operation with German Katag AG, Bielefeld, one of the largest European fashion service companies. The collaboration offers Yapital the possibility to be present in over 1400 fashion stores and Katag is serving as multiplier, because its 370 trading partners receive extraordinary beneficial conditions, if they integrate Yapital as the new cashless payment system.


Fashion houses and high quality textile and garment merchants select a comprehensive assortment of exclusive fashion brands for women, men and kids, including accessories, from Katag. Yapital adds the elegant and intuitive payment service: customers need only to scan a QR code shown on the customer’s display with the smart phone application and they confirm the payment with a click. Thanks to real time functions the money is immediately transferred to the account.

Katag offers at once a larger number of fashion merchants to get familiar with Yapital. According to Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board of Yapital, “department stores and boutiques are an important step in the framework of our strategy, to reach high recognition at store level with the cross panel payment system and to meet the consumer in their daily life, online and offline.”

And Dr. Daniel Terberger, Chairman of Katag AG adds: Especially in the area of fashion Yapital will gain its place because payment is an important step for a shopping event, and a payment that functions with intuition and elegance is simply contemporary.

Katag praises itself that it offers branded collections with a high return, such as Basefield, Staccato, Clarina, Commander, JETTE (The Mercer, N.Y.). Central sourcing secures price advantages to its members. The services include goods import, system replenishment and professional marketing offers.

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