Men’s Basics with X-STATIC XT2® Silver technology

MM55641-bMen’s Basics with X-STATIC XT2® Silver technology

U.S. Mack Weldon (founded 2012) introduces the latest innovation in Men’s Basics with X-STATIC  XT2® Silver Technology. Mack Weldon is a New York based apparel brand focused on reinventing men’s basics

Underwear and T-shirts incorporate fabric technology originally developed for NASA, U.S. Special Forces and Olympic Athletes. The new collection was launched February 3, 2014. The line consists of a boxer brief and crew neck T-Shirt with patented X-STATIC XT2® silver technology. This fabric innovation combines pure silver, pima cotton and Lycra® for the most luxurious and anti-microbial performance underwear.

The company was founded in 2012 by Brian Berger and Michael Isaacman with a mission to reinvent men’s basics. The company manufactures, designs and distributes underwear, socks, undershirts and T-shirts engineered to promote comfort, mobility and performance. Its simple and elegant e-commerce site features an easy shopping experience and volume based pricing. The company has been featured in the New York Times, WWD, GQ, People Magazine, Men’s Health, and many others.

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