Ahlstrom steps up rightsizing programme

Ahlstrom stocks up rightsizing programme

Finnish Ahlstrom, the high performance fibre based materials company, is stocking up its rightsizing programme from EUR 35 to EUR 50 million. The majority of the planned actions will be realised at the end of 2014 and the impact visible in 2015

As a result, Ahlstrom’s personnel will be reduced by around 400 people instead of 350 persons as communicated last August.

Ahlstrom wishes to improve its financial performance, streamlining costs and improve margins.

The targeted savings will drive from all business areas and functions globally by reducing sales, general and administrative costs and to further improve the supply chain efficiency back to a level of 10 -11 % of net sales in 2015.

The company plans to book non-recurring costs of around EUR 15 million related to rightsizing during 2014-15. In the quarterly financial reporting, the company will provide progress reports in view to rightsizing.


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