Scaling up of the Circular Economy

Scaling up of the Circular Economy

The World Economic Forum, Geneva (CH) is working in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey & Co. to drive forward a global, multi-industry initiative to scale up the circular economy

The benefits of the project over five years could amount to USD 500 million in material cost savings and the creation of 100000 jobs.

Many industry leaders have already committed to be part of this effort, such as Philips, Kingfisher, Veolia, DSM and Indorama. Project MainStream will work with this high-level leadership group to draw participation from a broad range of critical stakeholders, to build scale, and accelerate a range of vital enablers for the transformation to the circular economy, unlocking the stalemate that can prevent systems level change.

Ellen MacArthur, Ina Chesire (CEO Kingfisher PLC), Feike Sijbesma (CEOm Royal DSM) took part at the late press conference at the occasion of the World Economic Forum in Davos (CH).

If you are not familiar with the circular economy, please turn to the issue of TextileFuture’s Newsletter of December 18, 2013

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