Lectra launches Lectra Fashion PLM V3R3

Lectra launches Lectra Fashion PLM V3R3

Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials, such as fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials has just released Lectra Fashion PLM V3R3 with significant improvements for collaboration and transparency

Daniel Harari, CEO of Lectra explains the launching: “The world keeps evolving quickly. Economic and social changes are continuing to highlight fashion companies’ needs for control and flexibility. Integrating design and product development talent seamlessly into the fashion and apparel organisation allows companies to explore new territory, in terms of increased creativity and improved efficiency. Team alignment and collaboration are prerequisites for business growth.”

20140116183721ENPRNPRN-LECTRA-FASHION-PLM-90-1389897441MRLectra Fashion PLM V3R supports teamwork by privileging visual communication and sharing each step of the development process with drastically improved user experience to remove roadblocks to collaboration. The new product will cater to the needs of both the creative and technical personalities found within a fashion or apparel company, adds Anastasia Charbin, Lectra fashion marketing director, and continues: “ by integrating Lectra Fashion PLM connectivity into Adobe© Illustrator©, these users can stay within their comfort zone. They are free to create in Illustrator and also share and exchange with Lectra Fashion PLM platform community in a seamlessly intuitive way and with fun.”

Lectra Fashion PLM supports teams to design the right-the-first-time product, because teams are connected to the product development ecosystem from the beginning of the product conceptualization stage. Users can create and share information visually, from style to technical data without leaving their native environment, through a common platform and a unique file. Creative and technical designers can add product specification information directly from Adobe© Illustrator©, reducing the time usually spent on fi8le management and minimizing the risk of working on an old version of a file.

In addition, there are other significant new improvements in this latest release of Lectra Fashion PLM, such as a deeper integration of Lectra’s 3D virtual product sampling. 3D samples increase design options while reducing the number of physical prototypes needed, therefore cutting cost and time to market, which results in better looking and better fitting styles.

Design and product development teams can now, by visualizing the style virtually in 3D, work collaboratively within a common workspace. They can review several design options, check fit for multiple sizes, and work efficiently on modifications by adding annotations to 3D snapshots. They can also use living messaging. With Lectra Fashion PLM V3R3, industry norms, standards, and best practices have been added, such as new colour libraries, testing templates and care labels, thus boosting productivity and feeing users to pursue more complex, value-added task.


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