Home Try-On service for denim products in America

Home Try-On service for denim products in America

A highly successful Kickstarter campaign laid the ground six month later for U.S. Bluer Denim launching its free Home Try-On service, the first of its kind in the denim industry

On January 14, Home Try-On will enable Bluer customers to choose up to three pairs of jeans in any wash, size, or style, and have them delivered to their home to try for free. Customers are allowed seven days from product receipt to make a purchase decision, and payment is only required for the product they choose to keep. Once the customer decides which product they choose to return, they simply send the unwanted product back to Bluer in the prepaid shipping box. No money is charged to the customer’s card unless a purchase is made, or if the customer fails to return the product following a 221 day grace period. Shipping costs, both to the customer and back to Bluer, are completely free.

Bluerdenim 1-SF45870-aBluer Home Try-On is available for all women’s and men’s denim jeans and jackets. The company believes that many men are averse to shopping for jeans. Men often say they are uncomfortable trying on jeans in a store environment or trying to make a decision without their significant other. Women surveyed by the company’s research indicate that they would love benefit of trying on the jeans in the comfort of their home, with their own shoes, tops and accessories, so as to make sure the jeans fit perfectly and compliment their existing wardrobe. Bluer’s Home Try-On experience aims to eliminate the hassle and risk of buying jeans, and changes the process of jean shopping from an often stressful endeavour to a stress free and potentially entertaining experience.

Home Try-On (HTO) is a revolutionary step forward for the denim consumer. Many shoppers are put off by a crowded store environment and the stress and pressure to make an immediate decision. Shoppers like to have a trusted second opinion from a friend, husband, wife, or partner who will validate their choice. Now, with Bluer’s HTO service, shoppers can and will take their time, feel 100 % confident that they have made the right decision with their purchase and only be charged for the products they choose to keep.

Bluer Denim launched in June 2013 on crowd funding website Kickstarter. Bluer has already established itself as a true premium, direct to consumer denim brand, that’s 100 % transparently sourced and made in the U.S. using environmentally conscious production practises. Bluer also as a Buy-One, Give-One philanthropic initiative in which customers are encouraged to donate a pair of their used jeans for a credit towards their next purchase. Customer sourced jeans are subsequently sanitised and repurposed to people in need. The addition of the HTO service cements Bluer as one of the most innovative, consumers focused and ethically minded consumer brands in the world.

Bluer’s jeans are a top quality All American product:  the cotton comes from Battleboro, Georgia, the denim is woven in Greensboro, North Carolina, the jeans are designed in Portland, Oregon, and hand made in Los Angeles, California. Even the zippers are also deriving from Georgia. On top the pair of jeans is cheaper than the jeans offered by retailers, because they sell only online and with the HTO service they become even more special to responsible and environmentally conscious customers. The founder of the company is Jeffrey Todd Shafer who has been associated with the denim business over more than 20 years and states that even with all of the supplemental value and details it is a profitable business.


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