Turkish HASGROUP’s textile solutions conquer the world market

Turkish HASGROUP’s textile solutions conquer the world market

Turkish HASGROUP was founded 1984 in Turkey – as the most prominent textile machinery manufacturer – and as a solution provider and machine supplier for the textile industry. Today the group’s machines are installed not only in Turkey, but in 47 countries around the world. The group’s total sales amount to about USD 35 million, thereof textiles, carpet and technical textiles machinery USD 32 million and the Special Project Unit contributed USD 3 million

HASGROUP’s motto is more than machinery. The group has three divisions HAS-Group Textile Finishing Machinery, Has-Group Technical Textile Carpet Lines and Has-Group Special Projects. The offering of the group entails four fields: textile finishing, carpet-back coating, technical textiles and special projects.

Textile finishing comprises of stenter frames, sanforising, denim finishing line, raising, shearing, brushing, compacting, drying and tumbler machines to cater to the areas of denim, woven, knitted and nonwovens. The textile finishing sector was established in 1995.


A prime source of success is the long term investments in R&D work on denim, resulting in a recent order from VicunhaTextiles for their factories in Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador. The stenter frames (RAM-X2) are equipped with the latest generation of hydraulic foulards. Nurteks is also prominent user of HASGROUP stenters. Sanforising machines will sustain the fabric quality thanks of the state-of-the-art water spraying units, automatic shrinking control devises with weft straightener and pick counter.

Technical textiles and carpet-back coating machines are the products of knowhow and technology transfer achieved though long years of experience in textile machinery manufacturing. As we are well aware, 30 % of global woven carpet manufacturing capacities are installed in Gaziantep, Turkey. HASGROUP offers quality machines and after sales services. Lately installations were delivered to leading Turkish carpet manufacturers, namely Kaplan Kardesler and Tümer Hah.

The company is able to provide wall-to-wall and woven carpet lines, but it offers also combined solutions for felt and action-back laminations, gel foaming applications and artificial grass manufacturing to be made on the same line. Space, energy and labour savings are of additional benefit to the customers.

The Special Projects unit, one of the leading metal processing firms in Turkey, was established in 2001, and is a solution provider of tailor made products destinedhasindex_orta_2 to cater to leading companies and brands wishing to give domestic service to their Turkish customers. In 2004 Procter & Gamble has chosen the unit for their projects on paper products, diaper and sanitary-pad machines. Siemens VAI (USA) and Danieli (I) are the business partners in steel mill rolling machines and equipment.  The unit manufactures machinery parts and upon request installs machinery as well. Processing time and quality are distinctive features. Laser cutting, laser welding, Up-count twisting, welded construction, CNC controlled milling and drilling , mechanic and CNC lathe processing centres and double processing centres, measurement, machine with micron precision (Hexagon DEA) are installed.

The unit is also present in the defence industry, Aselan and Roketsan’s have chosen HASGROUP as supplier, as well as Otto Junker, one of the leading German metallurgical and thermal equipment companies recently inspected HASGROUP’s production and assembly plants and took the decision to work with the Turkish group on future projects.

HASGROUP bets also on innovation. In this respect the group collaborates with DuPont to further develop the engineering properties of machines. Energy efficiency, product design and productivity lead the list of topics.

HASGROUP is about to launch a new after sales and technical support concept for its customers and will offer package solutions to customers for all kinds of needs, such as product development, technical and technological innovations and problem solutions for the customers’ specific needs and fabrics they produce. The concept is based upon a technical joint venture with world renowned brands of elastane, knitting machines, dyestuff and chemicals manufacturers. Each partner brings his particular expertise to ensure that all technical aspects of the customer product are addressed by the market leader of each field. More details of the technical joint venture will be announced soon.

The group has just been presenting their products at Domotex in Hannover (D).


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