Pakistan’s Sapphire Group has installed 100 % Monforts finishing

Pakistan’s Sapphire Group has installed 100 % Monforts finishing

The monthly production of high quality dyed and finished fabric in Shapphire Finishing Mills is with four million metres very impressive, and the Sapphire Group (founded 11 years ago) in Lahore is one of the largest Pakistani manufacturers and exporters of textiles

The company’s customer list reads like a “who’s who” of Eurpean and US High Street fashion retailers, including American Eagle, C&A, Gap, H&M, Lee, Mango, Old Navy, TJ Max, Tommy Hilfinger and Zara. The Pakistani group has managed to double its turnover in the past five years and 2012 sales were around USD 600 milliion. It employs 14000 persons at the Sapphire complex of manufacturing plants, with dedicated business units for cotton, spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, home textiles and garments.

From the beginning, Sapphire Finishing Mills relied on German Monforts technology. Follwoinmg the delivery of its latest Monfortex, the plant disposes of four Monforts dyeing ranges, five Montex stenters and three sanforising units. Thje first machines were running extremely smoothly for over a decade, but Monforts doen’t stand still and is constantly developing new features, states Tariq Jamil, Director Production of Sapphire Finishing Mills.

MonfortsIMG_0515aThe latest Mofnortex sanforiser with its key feature the automatic grinding eliminates the need to remove and re-install the grinding rollers. It has considerably reduced grinding time, decisive for a productive plant.

CEO Yousuf Abdullah remarked “that they considered options from other European machinery builders, but in the end we decided to stay with Monforts for a number of reasons, not only did we want to maintain consistency in the plant in respect of operating parameters, as well as common spare parts and services, but our operators are also very happy with the machines. The designs are robust and simple from an operational point of view, and we don’t want complicated machines, just the best results. They have always performed according to our expectations. The latest machines are designed very much with energy savings in mind, in respect of the high efficiency motors, heat recovery systems and E-control. With the increased production capacity these latest Monforts machines will provide, we will be able to reduce the average cost of our fabrics while reaching a larger number of customers. By March 2014, we expect to achieve a production capacity of around five million metres every month.”

Sapphire specialises in bottom wear fabrics for fashion apparel. In addition to capitalising on Pakistan’s high grade cotton, it also works with different weaves, including plain, canvas, twills, satin, rip-stop, Ottoman and stretch fabrics.

It carries out reactive, vat and disperse dyeing to cater to the demands of the market in respect of quality, performance and end-use applications. The range of value adding finishes it is able to impart as a result of the Monforts technology, including easy care, wrinkle free, water repellent, soil release anti-microbial and flame retardant treatments, in addition to silicone and peach skin finishing.

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