EU plans to enhance European fashion and high-end industries with a plan of action

EU plans to enhance European fashion and high-end industries with a plan of action

At a high level lunched organised by Walpole, the British Luxury Association, Euratex, the umbrella organisation of the European Textile and Clothing sector, and key stakeholders and sectors of the fashion and high-end industries were presented with the details of the plan of action by the EU Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, EU Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry

The plan forms part of a broader strategy aimed at a revitalisation of industries in Europe. In addition, a permanent multi-stakeholders Forum was launched with the aim to exchange information and to ensure the follow-up on the plan of action.

11 actions are on the table as follows: 

Action 1: Anticipating skills needs and promoting cooperation between industries and vocational and educational training for the fashion and high-end industry through different programmes.

Action 2 will be the raising the awareness of young people on career opportunities in the fashion and high-end industries in order to attract more young people to the industries as a crucial step for its long term competitiveness.

Action 3 includes supporting ICT innovative solutions to help the fashion and high-end industries to better exploit the opportunities offered by innovative ICT solutions.

Action 4 is fostering creativity, leading to new products, materials, processes and business models. Creative efforts will be stimulated by increasing design and other creative content in fashion industries, and by launching market replication projects, among others.

Action 5 is earmarked to support the development of clusters on a European and cross sector level.

Action 6 will fight against counterfeiting with the aim to create consumers’ sensitivity on the danger of counterfeit goods bought, as well as through online services while improving training, for instance for custom officials.

Action 7 is to strengthen SME support for protecting their IPR Intellectual Property Rights and to enhance internationalisation, as well as to ensure better information and assistance to SME’s in the field of IPR protection in key markets.

Action 8 is aimed at improving access to finance for SMEs Small to Medium sized enterprises and will be targeted to close the market gap and by justifying additional EU support both for risk capital, counter-guarantees and other risk-sharing arrangements for guarantee schemes.

Action 9 is destined to strengthen regulatory and industrial policy dialogues with key trade partners and to improve access to third countries’ markets.

Action 10 will assess the feasibility of leather labelling in view to a possible proposal of establishing an authenticity leather labelling system at EU level.

Action 11 is gearing at promoting synergies with tourism to attract tourists to Europe as an indirect mean to support fashion and high-end industries.

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