OECD Webinar on How is Life? Depends on your gender (March 20, 2020)

The Webinar is scheduled for Friday March 20, 2020 16:00 CET Paris time

This webinar highlights key gender differences in well-being from the OECD’s latest well-being report, How’s Life? 2020.

It stresses the importance of viewing well-being through a gender lens, showing both areas in which women and in which men are doing better. The discussion will zoom in on male and female time use, and remuneration of work, and, what policy options are available to achieve better work life balance for both genders.


•             Lara Fleischer, Lead Author, How’s Life? 2020

•             Chris Clarke, Economist, Family and Child Policies

Duration: 1 hour (presentation of 30-40 minutes followed by Q&A)

Where: the convenience of your computer

Registration is necessary by email: wellbeing@oecd.org