Shiftings at the top floor of Rieter

Shiftings at the top floor of Swiss Rieter

As already announced, Norbert Klapper will take over as new CEO on January 1, 2014. Additionally, and this is new, he will also head the Business Group Spun Yarn Systems, since the current head of the Group, Peter Gnägi has chosen to step down, also from the Rieter Executive Committee

Erwin Stoller, so far active Chairman and CEO of Rieter will give up his responsibility as CEO, but remains Chairman of the Board.

Peter Gnägi is (unexpectingly) stepping down – on his own request – at the end of 2013, but on request of Norbert Klapper he will provide his support during 2014 and with strategically important projects. Gnägi was member of the Rieter Executive Committee since 2002 and served in his position since 2011.

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