Rieter customer reduces energy costs over USD 66000 annually

Rieter customer reduces energy cost over USD 66000 annually

Turkish Rieter customer Baris equipped his 14 ring spinning machines with the innovative suction tube ECOrized from Rieter and saves energy costs of annually USD 66600

As we are all aware, a substantial part of yarn costs consists of energy consumption. This is why the efficient use of energy is mandatory, and on top environmentally friendly. By applying Rieter’s suction tube ECOrized for the ring spinning machines G 32, G 33, G 35 and G 36, suction power can be reduced up to 50 % with the effect to sustainably lowering energy cost in the spinning mill.


Turkish Baris saves up to 10 % energy, respective USD 66600 annually with its 14 converted ring spinning machines.






For further information refer to the link below.


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