Breaking News – German Karl Mayer to acquire a majority stake in German LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Breaking News

German Karl Mayer to acquire a majority stake in German LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH

As per January 1, 2014, German Karl Mayer will acquire a majority stake in German LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH, which will be integrated into the Karl Mayer Group

For decades, Karl Mayer and LIBA have been the world leaders in the development, manufacturing and distribution of warp knitting machines and machines for the production of Technical Textiles.

LIBA has been founded in 1945 by Karl Liebrandt in Naila, Bavaria and produced the first warp automate, at that time demand was very high. Since then many new technical and machine developments took place.  The company is still headquartered in Naila and has subsidiaries in Piedmont, South Carolina (USA) and in Hong Kong. Today there are around 390 persons working in the group.

Both, Karl Mayer and LIBA are family owned companies. The Board and the management teams of both companies are convinced that the combined high level of technical knowledge, the long term market leadership of German warp knitting machines manufacturing will be enhanced by combining the two businesses. To make use of the joint strengths that in many sectors are complementing, measures are under way to lead to a fast integration of the two companies. Meanwhile, activities of both companies in view to products and market coverage will continue.


Karlheinz Liebrandt, president and owner of LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH will keep a stake in his company and will also serve as a spoke person for the company’s management team.  The team will be enforced by Marcus Kube from Karl Mayer. The signed agreement ensures that the Naila operation will remain a high technology location.

All products from LIBA are “Made in Germany”. Goth designing and manufacturing of the highly sophisticated machines take place at its headquarters. This is a very similar situation also on Karl Mayer’s side. Also LIBA works closely with its customers for designing and manufacturing of customised equipment. Experienced specialists do ensure this worldwide. The company invests continuously in the state-of-the art designing and manufacturing equipment, with the aim to provide extreme precision, highest quality and benchmarking process reliability. The company offers also an award winning basic and postgraduate staff training programme to ensure highly sophisticated and motivated personnel. The company cares for its customers, from project planning through specification and project management to installed machinery and offers extensive after sales services. Its engineers of the textile application development gather and provide information on the latest trends in the textile industry. The fast implementation of customers’ specific demands and state-of-the art production methods secure short delivery times. Its service and installation engineers cater to quick and reliable erection of new machinery and deliver professional services to customers around the world.

Further details were not revealed today. The agreement shows that medium sized companies in the textile machinery manufacturing sector need to collaborate more closely in order to succeed in the challenging global market.

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