A printer that allows applying your own fragrances on shaped cotton pad

A printer that allows applying your own fragrances on shaped cotton pad

With AZON TEX PRO printer Series 2 you can apply your own fragrances with shaped cotton pad, this new product is meeting the increasing demand for printable substrates

Significant improvement come with AZON TEX PRO printer Series 2 one can choose your design print on the cotton pad up to a maximum area of 42 x 60 cm, cut the desired shape and put your preferred fragrance to make a very sensitive product with great aroma of lime, orange, vanilla or even your own special perfume.

Azonprinter is an international company headquartered in Croatia, with a long tradition in designing, building, and employing the latest IT technology in the digital industry. The printers are on the market for more than 15 years by producing a variety of equipment for the sign and printing industry. All printers are eco sustainable and promoting eco friendly green technology.  The printer is available at more than 60 distributors worldwide and by covering different markets such as Graphic and Sign, Textile and Embroidery, Laser, etc. In 2009 the company was awarded No. 1 ranking for direct to garment and direct to substrate printers at the ISS Long Beach (USA) show.


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