Service – A new way to markedly save on international business calling


A new way to markedly save on international business calling

Digitech Communications launches through its brand bibitel its innovative sim-skin, a clever product designed to drastically reduce international call rates for companies with employees travelling worldwide

The new product sim-skin works by identifying the local mobile country code to offer a minimum saving of 50 % in comparison to traditional mobile tariffs, making it possible for employees to place previously expensive international calls with no change to the calling process. The sim-skin package for business offers quality connection, online registration, a simple set up process (around three minutes) and clear billing facility for international businesses, with an additional saving on non-geographic and premium calling. In addition, the sim-skin takes no additional power from its device and it is passive when not in use.

Team members are able to use the product alongside thei8r exi8sting phone setup, utilising the sim-skin technology only when it’s more cost effective. Managers are also able to access information on sim-skin usage via an easy-to-use platform, gaining clear and accurate knowledge on sim-skin usage as it happens and how employees are using the service.

Alongside the considerable saving to call rate, the product offers customised call packages to suit the requirements of different business. This includes an easy to manage single monthly account with multiple users, with the option to add additional users to the plan should a business take on more staff. The payment terms are designed to be as easy as possible for the business, providing a facility which allows remote employees to allocate their business spend on the sim-skin to a business account. bibitel also offers fully itemise monthly billing, allowing businesses to quickly and easily access their spend. Direct access to buying the product can be provided by the third link.

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