Bayer MaterialScience invests in technology and production

Bayer MaterialScience invests in technology and production

The new Tech Centre of Bayer MaterialScience in Leverkusen (D)pngAt its headquarter in German Leverkusen, Bayer MaterialScience invests more than EUR 45 million in a technical centre for the enhancement of premium foams with ultra modern machines and systems, as well as in an additional production plant brought already on stream for the coating raw materials, another global growth market. Both investments cater to the needs of key sectors such as automotive and construction industries

The company is expanding its competence in developing new applications and manufacturing processes for its materials in close collaboration with customers. Bayer MaterialScience assists to cope with challenges such as increasingly scarce natural resources, rising mobility and growing urbanisation.

These trends are met with polyurethane foam to insulate buildings and refrigeration systems, or for components that make cars lighter, more fuel efficient and more comfortable. The company is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane precursors. It tests innovative solutions and processes at its new technical centre in Leverkusen (D). An investment of better than EUR 10 million went into the test centre. The company expects the global polyurethane market continues growth at an average annual rate of about five percent.

Also the global market for coating and adhesive raw materials is earmarked to grow, and will likely increase by an average of roughly four percent per annum. Over a year and a half the company invested EUR 35 million in the construction of a newly commissioned ,multipurpose plant that can produce either raw materials depending on demand, particularly expanding production capacity for the precursors HDI and IPDI, likewise they are based on polyurethanes. The process is very environmentally compatible and highly efficient.

Bayer MaterialScience registered 2012 revenues of EUR 11.5 billion and the company is one of the world’s largest polymer manufacturers. The focus is on high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. The main segments catered to: automotive, electrical and electronics, constructions, sports and leisure industries. The company has 30 production sites worldwide and employs around 146500 persons around the globe.

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